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Ines started working on stage at the age of 13. She danced in a showgroup performing their own variations of "Cats" and "Starlight Express". In 1990 she made 2nd place on the German Championship and
5th place on the European Championship.

In 1992 Ines had the idea of presenting her artistic cycling abilities in public. She created her "Kunstradshow" which is a mixture of artistic cycling and gymnastics combined with music. Exclamations such as
"I have never seen anything like that!" are nothing new to her.

Ines has physical strenght and also the elegance of a gymnast. She has been doing gymnastics since she was 4 years old. Classical artistic bicycling is her main competetive sport nowadays. She is winner of the German Cup, Bavarian Champion, in the German Cadre and on place 19 of the World Ranking List.

Every artistic cyclist knows Ines Brunn because of her "Ines-Straddle". That is a figure Ines invented which is listed in the International Reglement for competitive artistic bicycling. And Ines Brunn ist the first female person in the world to master the elephant-handstand (that is a handstand only pressed up with strenght)

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland Ines is known from TV. She won the famous TV show "Bet You...". There she bet that she is able to fry a pancake in 3.5 minutes standing on the handlebars of her artistic bicycle which is moving. She was not allowed to touch the floor for the whole time. And she made it!
15 million people watched the show and voted for Ines who then additionally won the show.

Bet You...

Ines grew up in USA but she is German and living at the moment in Germany. But she performed her "Kunstradshow" in many different countries such as:
South Africa, China, Russia, Sri Lanka, USA, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, Austria.

Information on the show

  • The "Kunstradshow" of Ines is a mixture of classical artistic bicycling and gymnastics combined by music (CD or cassette).

  • The performance is a 7 minute show, if an encore is requested that is additional 2 minutes.

  • Ines can create a show specially designed for your event. Ines also can include a unicycle in her performance.

  • The floor should be clean and even (e.g. parquet, other wooden floors, PVC or as in gymhalls).

  • An area of at least 5X6 meters is required.

  • In order to have the most perfect atmosphere for the "Kunstradshow" it should be dark with a single spotlight following Ines.


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