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The Cologne Artist Group

Tom Murphy: A Physical Comedian

The Juggler Dr. Balldrian

Joggler and Artist Peter

The Tapdancer Marcel Peneux


Variety Show Group: "Vorsicht Variete"

"Wetten Dass...?"

Hamburg Newspaper Article

Hansa Theater

artist agencies and databases

Swedish Agency SP-Entertainment

Artist Database "Zauber"

Artist Database "Artisio"

Australian Artist Association

Artist Agency Blue Moon Talent

Artist Database "guxme"

Artist Agent Jochen Florstedt

Artist Database "Kugler"

Artist Database "Kultnet"

Artist Database "Profi Kuenstler"

Artist Database "Kuenstlersuche"

competitive artistic cycling and bikes

Martin Rominger

Bicycle Film Festival

Japanese Indoor Cycling Association

Hong Kong Indoor Cycling and Lam Kam-Bong

Online Artistic Bicycling News

Artistic Cycling Club in Erlangen

Bicycle Soccer in Reutlingen

Artistic Cycling Club in Gomaringen

Bavarian Cycling Association

German Cycling Association

Unicycling Community

Unicycling Page

Unicycling Web Page Gilby

China Unicycle Association

Bike Forum

Sport related Links

Bike related Links

Information on Artistic Bicyles

rock climbing and mountaineering

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing: Security 1

Rock Climbing: Security 2

Rock Climbing: More Security

Worldwide List of Rock Climbing Walls

Rock Climbing in South Korea

Climbing Pictures

Backcountry Skiing

Mountain Information



That's Beijing!

Blog on Pollution in China

Number 1 Toastmasters Club in Beijing

China News Online

Chinese Online Dictionary

Chinese-English Online Translator

Chinese Culture Club

Official Beijing Webportal

Beijing Portal

That's Shanghai!

China Org

German Embassy in Beijing

Chinese Embassy in Germany

Cheap Flights from China

China Daily Online

Asia Daily Online

Information on China

Chinese Amazon

Weather in Beijing

Weather in Miyun

Weather in China


Pictures by Mike Hollman

Pictures by Andy Lim

Frauke and Hello Kitty in Japan

Pictures by Nick Khoo

Pictures by Sudhir Shivaram

Andi Lindenblatt in China

Pictures by Marcus Yam

A Life's Journey

Pictures by Julien

Nils Groer

Philipp Oelwein

Martin Raithel Hermes

Claus Willemer

Martin Vlcek

Adventure Holidays

Hermes Offsite

other links

Biggest German Online Wine Portal

Telecommunications seminars in the Internet


Cameras and more

German Canon DSLR Forum

Job Search Engine (mainly for Europe)

Worldwide Job Search Engine

"Open Business Club" Network

"Oriented" Network

"Linked-In" Network


trick-bike pictures

trick-bike show

VIDEOS and newspapers

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