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Analog photography with my SLR film camera is my hobby.
Click here to get a glance of some assorted
pictures I have taken.

I love being outside, doing sports out in nature, e.g.:
freeclimbing, alpine skiing, back country skiing (walking up the mountain and skiing down in untouched deep powder), hiking, cliffdiving, windsurfing...

I have studied physics and have done my thesis at the international particle physics research laboratory DESY in Hamburg (Germany). I had been working in the HERMES collaboration on an experiment using the to 27.5 GeV accelerated polarized positron beam of the accelerator ring to collide with our hydogen or deuterium target.

Travelling is fantastic, meeting interesting people, getting in touch with different cultures. Especially Asian culture.

I love sitting together with
friends, enjoying a delicious dinner and sharing an excellent bottle of exquisit wine!

Don't forget: Life is too short to drink bad wine!


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